Luis Loredo


Born in Guadalupe, Nuevo León, Mexico, Luis Angel Loredo came to the states when he was 9 years old. Although his family is filled with musicians, it wasn’t until his freshman year in high school that Luis Loredo began to tune into the sounds of music. But once he did, music took over his life very quickly. Bass guitar was his instrument of choice and like any other musician, he began exploring a multitude of other instruments including piano, organ, flute, guitar, and drums. He played in his church band as a bassist while traveling around the states for 10 years.

At age 25, Loredo found himself in a club listening to bachata. The heavy bass beat and acoustic guitar stole his heart. But there was one problem: he couldn’t dance at all. His body could not translate what his heart was feeling. So he began training with Arlington’s Marcus Negron, who taught him salsa on 1 for about one-and-a-half years.

Right after, Loredo began to train with the well-known Roberto Lay and his Dallas bachata team SeduXion, which brought him back to his first love and true passion. He performed, taught, traveled, and grew with SeduXion for three years even becoming part of their first ever pro team.

Then Zouk began to fill his heart. The majestic connection and unique flow captured his spirit and led him to found DFW Zouk. With a new group of Zouk lovers, Loredo began sharing his passion at his Zouk practicas, which brought together talent from across the world, the states and DFW. Loredo also co-directed the Alma Latina Dallas bachata team along with Katie Mambo for over a year. Loredo was also part of Sensual Rhythm pro team directed by Arturo Garcia and Elisa Cano for around a year. During this time, he continued growing DFW Zouk alongside Dmitry and fusing sensual bachata with Zouk to create his own unique style. He currently teaches sensual bachata, BachaZouk, and Zouk across the states. DFW Zouk is now over three years old. Loredo is also working on creating BachaZouk, Zouk and Fusion teams in DFW. Loredo has trained with many world renown instructors such as: Carlos & Fernanda, Leo & Catherine, Bruno Galhardo, Tirso & Chanel, Marc Brewer, Paulo Victor & Luisa Teston, and Gui Prada.

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