A brief history of Tango – Part 4 of 4

When were “The Dark Ages of Tango?

In PART FOUR of this series, we talk about how Tango went underground. In 1955 the political climate in Argentina changed, which affected Tango dancers and musicians directly. But it didn’t go away, it stayed alive thanks to a few artists, sometimes away from Argentina, ready to make a comeback in 1983 when the military junta lost power, and Argentina’s citizens began to dance again. Tango continues to evolve, with new styles being created and old school styles still being taught.

In this video, we go over all the most important events that took place in what some historians and researchers call “The Dark Ages of Tango”

  • A new oppressive military regime that didn’t encourage dancing.
  • The arrival of Rock n Roll in the late 1950’s which created some tough competition, especially among young dancers.
  • Astor Piazolla and his “New Tango”
  • The Film “Mi ultimo Tango” starring Spanish movie star ‘Sara Montiel’
  • The Broadway musical “Tango Argentino” which help make the music and the dance popular again.
  • The fall of the military junta in Argentina and the revival of tango as a national treasure.

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