A Brief History of Zouk – Part 1 of 2

Where did Zouk come from?

Zouk has been around for about forty years. It’s a very new dance, however, it has influenced many other dances and it has created many other sub-genres and styles.

In part one of this video series we explore the origins of Zouk, how one music band helped make it popular worldwide, and how Lambada dancers shaped it into a new craze. To learn more interesting facts about Zouk, please read the article “5 Lies You’ve Been Told About Zouk” by Rachel Cassandra.

A Brief History of Zouk: Part 2

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  1. says: Laurent

    Zouk dance is a natural mix of different traditional Caribbean dances. This mix started in the fifties.
    The music genre has been created during the eighties… So 30 years after the start of the dance 😉

  2. says: Marko

    To be clear: Zouk music is about 40 years, followed by traditional carebean zouk dance. Brazilian Zouk Dance is about 25 years old.