Dance Spotlight – Jose “El Fluffy Salsero” Hernandez

Jose Hernandez aka El Fluffy Salsero is featured in this edition of the Dance Spotlight!  Jose is a salsa socialite of the highest order and is known by many in the DFW latin dance scene.  If you’re new to the DFW latin dance community and want to quickly make some new dance friends then getting to know ‘Fluffy’ would be a good idea. Below are some fun dance facts about Jose and one of his favorite dance videos!

Where are you from?
I was born in Dallas, TX. Raised in Lubbock, TX. Came back to Dallas, TX about 4.5 years ago.

Favorite DFW Dance Partners or dancers? (People you have the most fun dancing with or just like to watch dance)
There is way too much talent to have a list of favorites. I enjoy dancing with many dancers. Each dancer brings something to the dance I have with them. Some at least one characteristic, others several. Like smiling, technique, styling, energy, humility, musicality and etc.

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?
DFW is fortunate to have so many places to choose from. In Lubbock, there was only one social per week. Occasionally two. I can’t say that I have a favorite because it’s not the place that matters to me. It’s the company. It can be a hole in the wall place, a place with a small crowd or a place with a horrible DJ, but as long as I am in good company, I am sure to have a good time!

Dance Pet Peeves? (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)
I would have to say my top 5 dance pet peeves are the following in no particular order: 1) Hygiene. I don’t care about sweat. But if you smell, that makes the dance unpleasant. Do something about it. 2) Back-leading. When I am leading, let me lead. 3) Over-styling. Dance with me. Make it about us, not just you. 4) Rejection. If you reject me, I feel it is dance etiquette to reject all others in the same song. Looks bad to say no to someone and then immediately dance with someone else. Of course there are circumstances that may warrant it. 5) Hellos and goodbyes. I feel it is rude to interrupt a dance to hug someone. Wait or just wave to acknowledge who you want to greet.

Favorite Dance Moment? (Performance, funny moment, etc)
I’ve been social dancing over 10 years. I’ve had way to many awesome dance moments. So I will share a more general one. My favorite dance moment is when you dance with someone and you have great chemistry. There is great connection. You’re smiling. You’re both feeling the song. You do moves that complement one another and the music. That is my favorite dance moment. Having those dances that just leave you in awe.

Fav Dance Genre? (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, etc)
My top 2 favorite dance genres are Salsa and Bachata.

What dance movie title describes your attitude while dancing?
Burlesque, Bring It On, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Magic Mike, You Got Served, or Other (Your choice):
I would have to go with Dirty Dancing because of innocence, sensuality and passion.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?
There is so much talent out there. I’ve seen tons of great dance videos. So hard to choose. For the sake of choosing one, I will go with the one I have most recently shared. I like this video because Daniel Sanchez being a known international instructor and dancer from Spain is still humble enough to dance with someone of the same-gender. Despite public opinion.

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