Dance Spotlight – Cliff Anderson

Cliff Anderson is featured in this edition of Dance Spotlight! Cliff is a veteran of the DFW Salsa scene and has performed at various socials and congresses throughout Texas.   Check out some fun facts about Cliff including his favorite dance moment and some of his favorite local dancers! Want to nominate someone? Contact us!

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Anderson, Indiana.

Favorite Dancers? 
Wow, favorite dancers? There is so much talent in DFW, but two of my favorite people to watch are Johan and Alyssa Ibanez. These guys are so knowledgeable, fun, talented, and are awesome people to be around. Wander Rosario, Jay Styles, Sal Urena, and Arturo Garcia are some of my favorites as well. I love dancing with my girlfriend Blanca but, outside of that, some of my favorites are Mahsh Rosario-Pourjavad, Alyssa Ibanez, Kim Harmon, Elisa CaVi, Lauren Marks, Christina Flores, Anais Harvey, Erika Brionnes, Justina Bui, Oli Lazo…I mean, there’s so many more ladies that I enjoy dancing with that it’s impossible to list everyone.

Favorite Socials/Places to Dance?
I like hittin’ up Pura Dallas, Pura Ft. Worth and the Gozaderas at Alpha Midway. These are great socials that put everyone in one place, and does a good job of catering to both the salseros and bachateros in our community. You can sometimes find me hangin’ out at Blue Mesa on Saturdays, I like to go visit Los Comales and Los Lupes on Sundays, and I like droppin’ in on Luis Delgadillo to check out Chicho’s on Tuesday night. I haven’t been out too much as of late because of school, but these are definitely some of my favorite spots to go to when I’m ready to get my dance on.

Dance Pet Peeves? (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)
My biggest pet peeve when dancing is when I get turned down for a dance because a lady is ‘too tired’ or their ‘feet are hurting’, but then they turn right around and go out on the floor with the next guy that asks (on the same song in which she rejected me). Listen, I can understand if someone doesn’t want to dance with me, but nothing gets at me more than being played to the side like that. I’d rather just be told ‘no’ (lol). At least it’s honest.

Favorite Dance Moment? 
I’d have to say that my favorite dance moment was when I performed at the Dallas Congress many years ago with my partner Valerie Martinez. We were debuting ‘Cuban Nightmare’, which was a perfect description for how our ending turned out. When we went for our big finish, I mistimed the final stunt and Valerie ended up just jumping on my back as if I was giving her a piggy back ride (lol). The nervous smiles that we had while holding THAT pose told it all, but it was pretty funny.

Favorites Dance Genre?
While I have grown to love bachata, salsa will always be my favorite. No matter if I’m feeling happy or sad, salsa allows me to purge my feelings, and I always feel good afterward. I can also feel that I can create a little more, which allows me to show a little more of my personality on the floor.

What dance movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?
I started to say ‘You got SERVED!’, but you said what dance movie TITLE describes my attitude while dancing, not just the movie (lol). Hmmm…I’d have to go with ‘Dance with Me’ as the title that describes my attitude when dancing. Whenever I’m out, I make it a point to dance with as many ladies possible because I like to share dance with everyone, and nothing is more enjoyable than spending a song with someone, and they really enjoy their time on the floor with you as much as you do with them. It’s a blessing to be able to go out and dance the way that we do, so it’s important that we take advantage of all the opportunities to make it a great dance environment for everyone that is present.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?
I’ll post this video because apparently a lot of people have not seen it. This is a video of Val and myself performing ‘Que Se Sepa’ at Inca Café in Carrollton in 2007 (formerly know as La Esperanza). Back then there was no HD quality so don’t even try (lol). Hope you guys enjoy it!

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