Dance Spotlight – Elisa Cano


Elisa Cano is featured in this edition of the Dance Spotlight.   Elisa was born in Peru and she is currently a dance instructor and performer in Dallas/Fort-Worth.  She is the founder and organizer of the dance organization Dallas Can Dance.  She was nominated by Amanda Brown, Tony Bui and Blanca Ramirez.

Tony said, “Elisa has been my bachata and salsa instructor for over three years now and I feel she deserves to be in the spotlight.  She is not just a great instructor and dancer, but she is an amazing person with a heart of gold. She is beautiful person inside and out – both professionally and personally. She is so humble and so easy to approach and is always inspiring students to bring out their best when dancing. She is a role model, an inspiration, and loyal and respectful to everyone she meets.”

Check out some fun facts about Elisa including her goals for Dallas Can Dance and her advice for women who wish to be leaders in the latin dance community.

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What are your first memories of latin dancing?

Friday night, 2009! A little restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, and a Salsa band playing Oscar de Leon songs. I fell in love!

A fun fact: When I used to lived in Peru, I only listened American and pop songs! Salsa and bachata were not in my blood until I moved to USA.

What’s the most fun aspect of being a dance instructor?

The most fun aspect of being an instructor is being around amazing people! It is so rewarding to see my students learning and improving in their dancing every time, their excitement brings me joy! That is the fun part. Honestly, I have one of the best jobs!

You are the founder of the dance organization Dallas Can Dance. What goals would do you hope to accomplish through your organization?

I have a lot of goals to accomplish, but one I can share at this moment is to change people’s lives through dancing. I want to bring happiness and brightness to the lives of my students and the new people I meet.

The DFW latin dance scene has seen a growing number of women in leadership roles (like yourself) within the community. What advice would you give to women who want to be a leader in the latin dance community?

If there is something in life you want to achieve, do it! Work hard, you can get it! Always think positive and never look back. I feel all women have an extra power; we are limitless!

Describe a moment in your dance life that has made you proud.

There are several, but generally seeing my students achieving their goals, makes me proud!

What are your current favorite songs to dance to? Top two or three…

I have so many! Here are some:

What makes a social dance fun for you?

Connection and musicality. ❤

Dance video you’d like to share?


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