Dance Spotlight – Fata Karva

Fata Karva is featured in this edition of Dance Spotlight!  Fata lives in Washington DC and was nominated by Raven Sutton.  Raven said, “Fata dances so gracefully. She is always willing to dance with a new person and make them feel welcomed. She deserves to be recognized for her amiable personality and passionate dance moves.”

Check out some fun facts and information on Fata including what she loves most about the latin dance community and how dance helps her overcome social anxiety.

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What are your first memories of latin dancing? (Friends? Family? Class?)

I remember dancing to “Obsesion” by Aventura back in 9th grade at summer camp but had no idea bachata would end up being such a big part of my life. My first time learning the true basic was dancing with my host mom in the kitchen to Romeo Santos when I studied abroad in Santiago, Dominican Republic in college. I always thought bachata was fun but I enjoyed other styles of dance more. I was encouraged to audition for Ferocity Dance Company with Kat Arias in August 2015 when I moved to DC and began taking some salsa classes at Café Citron with Orlando Machuca. That changed everything.

What makes a social dance fun for you?

I absolutely LOVE living in DC, but as a city, it is a bit high-strung and life here can be anxiety-producing. I’m highly introverted, so sometimes I experience a bit of social anxiety when I go out dancing. For me, it is SO important to have a place where I can leave all that behind. I love when I’m dancing with a lead that is fun, musical, and carefree, so I can let that all go on the dance floor.

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)

My only hope when the song starts is that we are going to have a good time. It’s just a dance, so we both should enjoy ourselves! In most cases, this is 3 minutes of your life (10-15 minutes, if it’s salsa) to connect, and you can’t get those moments back, so I feel it’s important to just feel the vibe, and not treat it as a test of technique, or display of arrogance.

You participated in the Performer/Artist Photo Challenge on Facebook.  Can you pick one of those photos and describe why it’s meaningful/memorable to you?

I would say that the company photo is most memorable because it serves as a time capsule each year, and it’s almost like a yearbook. I also have collections and collections of big group photos from when I took tap lessons as a kid so it reminds that in that moment I’m exactly where I need to be: with a group of awesome people who love dance and making that little girl proud.

What tips would you give to a dancer who is thinking about performing?

Performing for me connects me to my family. It reminds me of my mom sharing stories of performing traditional Liberian dance in her youth, dancing with my dad at parties, and my brother DJ’ing, and celebrating being alive and in my moment. I would say it’s important to know where your inspiration comes from and never take performing for granted. It is a privilege to be able to put your talents before an audience.

You seem to be having a blast being part of the latin dance community! What is it about the latin dance community that you love?

I love how diverse it is. I never in a million years would have imagined that I would be a part of a community of so many people from different walks of life. There is someone to admire personally and professionally everywhere you go. I have also been surprised how many people are truly genuine and never expected the circle of friendship, trust, and support that I have had the honor of gaining through dance.

You competed with the Ferocity Dance Company at the 2019 World Latin Dance Cup! What was that experience like and how did you all do?

This was my second year competing with Ferocity Amateur. It was the best feeling in the world to win 3rd place in this global competition that was even broadcast on local Colombian TV! There were so many moments that made it truly magical. It’s amazing to know that Kat has helped me manifest so many dreams and I’m eternally grateful to have spent the ten days time getting closer to the family we built over the year in beautiful Medellin! I could talk about it forever!

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?

My favorite dance video is a social dance with Senzala! He is the embodiment of a great lead and a strong representation of how committed and dedicated everyone is in the DC scene. You can find on him the dance floor dancing all styles and at all the local events. It’s impressive!

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