Dance Spotlight – Jay Reeves

Jay Reeves aka ‘Jay Blaxican’ is featured in this edition of the Dance Spotlight!.  Jay brings his own unique style/flavor to the DFW dance scene and he currently performs with Alianza Rumbera Dance Company.  Check out some fun facts about Jay including one of his favorite dance moments!

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Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Land of the ‘Cheese heads’. I came to Dallas in the middle of 2010 and now I represent Alianza Rumbera here in Dallas.

Favorite DFW Dancers? (People you have the most fun dancing with or just like to watch dance.)
That is a tough question for any dancer. The talent here in DFW is vicious and underrated at times. I won’t say my favorite people to dance with, but to watch I would say Gaby aka Belle, Amanda Brown, Sir Anthony, Tamara, Johan, and of course mi maestro Jair with Alianza Rumbera.

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?
Stratos, Al-Amir in Arlington, Rio Mambo in Arlington, My Salsa in Hurst, and Pura Salsa in Dallas & Fort Worth.

Dance Pet Peeves? (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)
I would say no connection because I’m usually a fun guy when dancing. The other is what I call ‘judgmental rejection’. That’s when you reject someone disrespectfully and find out they can actually dance and try to redeem yourself afterwards.

Favorite Dance Moment? (Performance, funny moment, etc)
My favorite moment was when the entire Alianza Rumbera crew brought unity on the wood grain at the Dallas Salsa Congress. The kids showed out and wanted to make a statement saying, ‘We’re not too little to do anything’.

Favorites Dance Genre?
Ya tu sabes Salsa and Salsa Caleña.

What dance movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?
Burlesque, Bring It On, Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Magic Mike, You Got Served, Other: (Your choice)
Step Up best describes me because Tyler (Channing Tatum) felt like the black sheep in the dance scene that had to prove himself due to his different style.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?
Alianza Rumbera opening show performance at the 2016 Dallas Bachata Festival.

(Link to video below).
Alianza Rumbera Performance


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