Dance Spotlight – Mahshid Rosario-Pourjavad

Mahshid Rosario-Pourjavad is in the Dance Spotlight! Mahshid has been a part of the DFW latin dance scene for several years and has established a wealth of friendships in the community as evidenced by the many dancers who attended her wedding.  She married Wander Rosario, a Dominican born DFW latin dance instructor and DJ.  Check out some fun facts about Mahshid and her favorite dance vids!

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Where are you from?

It might come as a surprise to most but I was born in Ruston, Louisiana :). I was five when we moved to Texas and I am proud to say I’m definitely a Texas girl! I grew up in Plano (where my parents still reside) and have lived in Dallas for almost 15 years now.

Favorite DFW Dancers? (People you have the most fun dancing with or just like to watch dance)

Well I definitely love watching my main man Wander Rosario. He loves music just as much as I do, so knowing that makes me enjoy it even more! It’s not the steps that make him move, it’s the music and I love that!  As for others, the list could go on and on! Just to name a couple that are local, I have always enjoyed dancing with Johan Ibanez Vazquez and Abiel Gonzaga. They always have a good time which makes the dancing easy to enjoy!

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?

We have several ongoing socials/events/clubs and they all bring something different. Whether it’s the crowd, atmosphere, performances, etc. These are all great and it gives me regular spots to get my dance fix.  Right now, we have several events that compete with each other. It would be nice for the dance community to truly work together to help eliminate this; allowing everyone to come together for the love of dance – not just the business. We will see what the future holds!!

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)

When it comes to hygiene…that is a pet peeve in life! You bring in the element of a partner when it comes to dancing salsa and bachata.  You get sweaty and in very close proximity with someone else so personal hygiene becomes even more important! Just think about it :).

Also, always dance with EVERYONE at least once, regardless of skill level. This doesn’t mean you have to dance all night with everyone but there is always someone learning. So while you might not feel “as challenged” when dancing with them, but remember that you were starting out at one point too.

Finally, please always be working on your craft. Don’t take a class here or there and then join a team and think you’re “there”. Immerse yourself, if you are able to. Travel and take privates with instructors in other cities. You should always be learning regardless if you want to perform or simply want to become a better social dancer. You are never too good or too advance to learn.

Favorite Dance Moment: (Performance, funny moment, etc)

There have been some great ones! Definitely mine and Wander’s first dance at our wedding is up there! On the funnier side of things, Abiel and Johan always try to exchange leading while dancing with me. It’s a bit crazy but so much fun!

Favorite Dance Genre (Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Zouk, etc)

By far salsa!!! I definitely enjoy bachata and always have, but there is something with salsa. I don’t speak Spanish and understand very little when it comes to the music, but there have been times I was brought to tears when listening to some salsa songs. The artists/singers voices are something else – it comes from their soul and, personally, that connects me to the music. There is no language barrier when it comes to music…it’s such a powerful thing!

What dance movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?

This is a funny question!! I don’t know if I am ever thinking about a movie while dancing but I was always, and still am, obsessed with Dirty Dancing! I don’t know if that describes my attitude though. Three movie titles that I feel are pretty simple but make total sense are, (1) Dance with Me, (2) Take the Lead and (3) Shall We Dance. I think they are pretty self-explanatory :).

Favorite dance video(s) you’d like to share?

(1) I love watching Wander and Johan perform together. I love seeing what they come up with when collaborating! It might seem biased, but I have to say it’s more than just knowing them personally. I get to see the progression and the hard work they dedicate. I guess I feel more vested in the result. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t enjoy cheering on their man and good friend on stage!!

(2) I didn’t realize it until the end of the dance, but I had a fun dance with Terry Tauliaut that was captured at the 2016 BIG Salsa Festival in San Antonio. There are many reasons I love this video but one that I really want to point out is Terry. Not because of his following, skill level, etc., but because he is at the top of his game yet remains so humble! He is on the dance floor dancing with any and every one that asks. As a “star” in the dance world, this is very rare. This shows not only his appreciation to the art but his love for dance. I have a lot of respect for him as an artist/professional.

(3) And last but definitely not least – I know pretty much every couple I have talked to that also dances say that dancing can cause arguments when working together! Wander and I have had our moments, but as for being able to enjoy something I love with the person I love so much is the best feeling. We have had several moments together but only so many captured on video.

The first dance with Wander at our wedding is one I will always remember. One thing that makes me love this moment even more is that Wander came up with the idea and song on his own. I was really struggling because I know more English songs and he knows more Spanish songs, so figuring out how we can both connect to one was stressing me out! Then one day he said, “Why don’t we do both.” He thought of the salsa song “Solos Tu y Yo” which is made in English and Spanish. We found an acoustic English version we really liked and had them mix it with the Spanish version by Ray de la Paz. It was a very special moment!!

Dance to English version:

Dance to Spanish version:

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