Dance Spotlight – Nathan Beasley

Nathan Beasley is featured in this edition of Dance Spotlight!  Nathan lives in San Marcos, Texas and is a talented performer and instructor with Austin Inspired Movement.  He is also a bachata champion!   He and Karla Blanco won the Pro-AM Classic Bachata Showcase event at the 2020 World Salsa Summit!  He was nominated by Gerard Smithwrick.

Gerard said, “He’s such a hard worker and his passion for dance is undeniable. He loves bachata as much as I love salsa. He’s just an amazing guy and a spotlight would be well deserved.”

Check out some fun facts and information on Nathan including his thoughts on being a bachata champion and his advice for dancers who want to perform.

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What (or who) originally inspired you to try Latin dancing?

During my freshman year at Texas State my friend Andrea Ramires convinced me to learn bachata from a new student organization called Ritmo Latino Dance Society. The organization was created by Janel Caminos.

You and Karla Blanco won the Pro-AM Classic Bachata Showcase event at the 2020 World Salsa Summit. Congrats! What does that victory mean to you as a dancer?

Thank you for your kind words! As a dancer, you have to invest a lot of time, money, physical effort, and discipline to become like the dancers that inspire you. Achieving that victory showed me that hard work and focus really pays off in the end.

What tips or advice would you give to a dancer who is thinking about competing?

I would advise practicing as much as possible and as long as possible with all of your energy. Competitive dancing is completely different from social dancing. In competition, you typically get one shot on stage to show the efforts of your training and mastery of your art.

Social Dance Pet Peeve(s)? (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)

A pet peeve of mine would be when I see some guys start to inappropriately touch their partner when their partner clearly want the song to be over.

What is your favorite genre of dance and why? (Salsa, bachata, kizomba…?)

My favorite genre is bachata. It’s the dance that started me down this path and introduced me to others such as salsa, kizomba, zouk.

What makes a social dance fun for you?

For me, it’s that moment when my partner, the music, and I are all on the same wavelength. It’s an indescribably euphoric feeling that just overcomes me when there is balance. The skill level doesn’t have to be amazing to get that feeling, but the connection definitely matters.

What are your current favorite songs to dance to? Top two or three…

Favorite dance video(s) you’d like to share?

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