Dance Spotlight – Sherri Juarez

Sherri Juarez is featured in this edition of the Dance Spotlight!.   Sherri is a very active dancer in the DFW dance community and is a member of the Ritmo Sensual dance crew. Check out some fun facts about Sherri including her favorite DFW dance partners! Want to nominate someone? Contact us!

Where are you from?
I am from Denver, Colorado, and lived there all of my life until I moved to the DFW area about six months ago. I have rheumatoid arthritis so the cold weather and the altitude in Colorado was not good for me. Moving here to Texas has been great for my health!

Favorite DFW Dancers?
My favorite DFW dancers are Arturo Garcia, Elisa Cavi, Luis Loredo, Jose “El Fluffy” Hernandez, Christian Acosta, and Roberto Lay, plus many others. I met Luis and Roberto almost 3 years ago in Vegas, before I knew what great Sensual Bachata was all about. Luis introduced me to Arturo, who soon became one of my closest friends and my Bachata teacher. From there, I also had the honor of meeting the amazing Elisa, everybody’s friend, Christian, and the awesome, Jose. They have all inspired me to grow as a dancer and always strive to do more for the dance community.

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?
I chose to move to DFW so I could experience more Bachata and Kizomba.  You can find me at Los Lupes for Bachata Sunday and the Sensual Social at Cliques Studio on the first Saturday of the month for Bachata and Kizomba! I also love being a part of the Kiz community here and seeing it grow.

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)
My pet peeve has to be lack of connection. I fell in love with partner dancing because of the connections I have made, so I want that connection to continue with each new dance. If you can’t take the time to connect, then the dance is missing an important factor.

Favorite Dance Moment?
My favorite dance moment was bringing my favorite Dallas instructors to Denver last year to teach some Bachata workshops. Arturo, Elisa, Roberto, Luis, and Belle were loved in Denver and I had my first real successful dance weekend that I ran on my own.

Favorite Dance Genre?
My favorite dance genre is Bachata with Kizomba as a close second.

What movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?
“How Stella Got Her Groove Back” – I feel like I have grown so much as a person because of dance. I did not realize how much I was missing out on because of past issues in my life. Dance has helped me to overcome so many things and breakdown walls that I had built up. Because of dance, my life is so full of great things now.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?
Here is one of my few dance videos I have of me dancing and this one happens to be with the famous Daniel of Daniel & Desiree.

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