Dance Spotlight – Donnie Hemphill

Donnie Hemphill is in the Dance Spotlight!   Donnie is an active dancer in DFW and he is a member of the Ritmo Sensual and Seduxion dance teams. Check out some fun facts about Donnie including his favorite dance partners! Want to nominate someone? Contact us!

Where are you from?

Newton, Iowa.

Favorite DFW Dancers?

Veronica Arteseros, Roberto Lay, Johan & Alyssa, Arturo & Elisa, Amanda Brown, and all the many many wonderful DFW social dancers.  Its wonderful to see so many newbies!

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?

The Sensual Social at Clique Studios. The Seduxion Socials that take place at various places, and all the Pura Salsa events.  Other favorites are Los Lupes Sundays, Bachata Wednesdays at Stratos, and Latin Thursdays at Azure. There are so many great places in DFW to dance, both new and old!

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)

Girls who turn me down for a dance then I see them dancing with someone else – if I say no to someone, I try to find them later for at least one dance per night.

Favorite Dance Moment?

My favorite moments are simply when both parties are connected to each other and the music.  We enjoy the dance and ignore everything else.

Favorite Dance Genre?

Salsa, bachata, zouk, and kizomba.  There is so much great music out there and I would love to hear more when out social dancing.

What movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?

“Shut Up & Dance”. Let go of life’s frustrations and have fun .. life is short, and every moment is precious

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?

Busra and Terry Tauliaut dancing to the Salsa version of “Stairway to Heaven” – SAF 2015.

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