Diamond Rivera – Live Discussions with Diamond Podcast

Diamond “DR Filmz” Rivera is the Ryan Seacrest or Joe Rogan of the latin dance community.  Yes, I heard the Seacrest comparison on Facebook and I’m stealing it as it’s fits his role in the community perfectly.  Rivera hails from New York and his podcast, Live Discussions with Diamond, is without a doubt one of the top podcasts dedicated to the latin dance community. One could make the case that it’s the #1 podcast in the community based on how prolific Diamond is with producing content. He’s recorded 120+ episodes in a little over a year (beginning in 2020) and has featured some of the most influential figures in the latin dance scene including Jorge “Ataca” Burgos and Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger, Frankie Martinez, and DJ Soltrix. The podcast is informative and entertaining, and touches on topics that are important to the community. It’s definitely worth a listen!

You can check out the show on Facebook, YouTube and TuBachataRadio.com!

Below are a couple of my favorite shows.  Check them out and/or visit the links above to find more great content!

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