Bachata Dance Basic Steps

Adam Taub is a bachata documentary filmmaker, researcher and dance teacher. He has lived in the Dominican Republic and conducted extensive research, in-depth video projects, and recorded interviews with bachata legends. Adam is widely recognized for his innovative presentations and the unique pedagogy he has developed for teaching bachata dance and musicology. Adam has been invited to teach and present his work at dozens of national and international salsa and bachata festivals, libraries, cultural centers, and universities.

In this 6-minute video, Adam breaks down six bachata basic steps:

  1. Forward & Back in Place
  2. Forward and Back Progressive
  3. Forward and Back Progressive Pass
  4. Box Step
  5. Diagonal Box Step
  6. Triple Step or Cha Cha

The three videos below take a closer looks at the Box Step, Diagonal Box Step and Triple Step or Cha Cha.

Box Step: (3.5 minutes)

Diagonal Box Step: (4 minutes)

Triple Step or Cha Cha: (6 minutes)

Check out Adam’s YouTube channel for a wealth of videos detailing authentic bachata dance, culture and music.

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