Dance Spotlight – Erin Durch

Erin Durch is in the Dance Spotlight!   Erin is a great supporter of the DFW latin dance scene and you’ll find her popping up at a variety of places to dance. Check out some fun facts about Erin including some of her favorite local dancers! Want to nominate someone? Contact us!

Where are you from?

I have lived in Seattle most of my life,  but I have been in Texas for six years now teaching high school in Houston and then PA School in Midland/Odessa. Currently I am working in Abilene for a Rural Medical Fellowship and can’t wait to practice dermatology soon! For those that see me almost every weekend, yes, that is six hours round trip for dancing and good food, of course.  Shout out to Anthony (Young)! You have to cook for my wedding one day!

Favorite DFW Dancers?

Oh my, there are so many! I love watching Elisa and Arturo perform. Others that I enjoy dancing with (basically all the usuals!!) are Martin Ramirez, Vijay Kumar, Lui Lopez, Mike Hernandez, Jose Hernandez, Jay Stylz, Chino, Jacob Birnbaum, Anthony Young, Luis Loredo, Jay “Blaxican” Reeves, Margarito Garcia, Robert Icon, DJ Evo, DJ Jose, Alex Robertson, Rashon Hogan, Alex Solórzano, Greg Kritsky, Derek Bunting, Juleon Lewis, Arturo Ramos, Jair Arias, Daniel Porte…There’s so many more so I’m sorry if I left your name off.

Favorite DFW Socials/Places to Dance?

Pura socials in both Ft. Worth and Dallas on Fridays, bachata at Los Lupes, and salsa at Los Comales on Sundays.  I Enjoy Rio Mambo on Saturday as well.

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc)

Oh my. I’ll try to go easy with this one.

  • Gripping my hand instead of using just the fingers especially during salsa.
  • Man handling.
  • Not staying in time.
  • Pulling in for sensual bachata and not really doing much dancing besides hugging yet not letting go.

I’ll stop there.

Favorite Dance Moment?

I love watching dancers improve and seeing how happy they are when dancing more musically. I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Alma Latina Dallas perform a few routines over the last few months for charity events. Seeing how dedicated they are at recording and watching themselves at every practice, adding extra practices, correcting one another like brothers and sisters, seeing how impressed the audiences have been at the events has been a treat to watch. Keep up the great work team.

Favorite Dance Genre?

Socially it’s tied between salsa and bachata. Although those that know me can tell you I start moving to any beat especially hip-hop. My dancing began with ballet at age 3 so overall that would be my favorite.

What dance movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?

Center Stage. Not only is this my favorite movie but I feel like I’m a mix of all the dances that Amanda Schull does towards the end. If you haven’t seen the movie you definitely should especially if you were a ballerina at some point in your life.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?

There are so many that I like but in the past few days I have been watching the lead and follow from this video and they hit with musically and creativity. Check it out!

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