Dance Spotlight – Junior Villarreal

Junior Villarreal is featured in this edition of Dance Spotlight! He lives in Dallas/Fort Worth and was nominated by Dina Medvedeva.

She said, “He is a great dancer and dances a wide variety of styles very well. It’s always so much fun dancing with him!” Check out some fun facts about Junior including his favorite places to dance!

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Where are you from?

I live in Arlington, TX.  I was born in South Texas (Westlaco) and my parents are from Monterrey N.L./Reynosa Tamaulipas Mexico.

Favorite dancers to watch and/or dance with?

Jocelyn Espinoza, Meztli Hinojosa, Nancy Vazquez and Lila Zuckerman.

Favorite socials/places to dance?

My favorite socials and places to dance are the Dallas Dance Studio socials, Pura Ft. Worth and at Al-Amir Arlington.

Dance Pet Peeve: (Hygiene, No connection, People who teach while dancing, etc).

A pet peeve of mine is when dancers back-lead.

Favorite dance moment?

My favorite dance moment is when the music, the dance and dancers SYNC-UP to give that natural high.

Favorite dance genre?

I started with traditional bachata but SALSA is LIFE. My favorite genre by far is Salsa and every rhythm it comes with.

What movie title describes your attitude while dancing? Why?

Movie title that describes my attitude while dancing: I would say a mix of “50 Shades of Gray” and “Split”. So, ’50 Shades of Split.’ I can enjoy the feeling of a slow salsa or a crazy fast salsa and everything in between. You’ll never know which JR you will get.

Favorite dance video you’d like to share?

One of my favorite videos is by La Fuerza Kingsmen. Check it out!

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