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DJ Angel Design is featured in this edition of the DJ Spotlight!  Angel is a DJ based in Montreal and is rocking Kizomba scenes across Canada and abroad.  He was nominated DJ Jillian “Aquarius” Jones.  DJ Aquarius said, “I’d like to nominate Angel because he’s a great DJ, a lovely person, and I respect his work ethic. We are both quieter people, comparatively speaking to other DJs, which can at times put us at a disadvantage. So, I want to use this moment to show a little love to the more introverted, yet just as powerful DJs in the scene.” Check out fun and interesting facts about Angel including his thoughts on the Kizomba scene in Montreal and his recommendations for those who want to give DJ’ing a try.

When did you start DJing and what do you remember about your first gig?

In 2011, I started dancing Kizomba. And during the lessons I always put on good sounds. The teacher always told me that I should be a DJ. I dreamed of being one when I was young, but I never had the courage. A year later, he told me that in two weeks I will be mixing at his party. I wasn’t ready, but with the support of the crowd it encouraged me to persevere.

What’s been your favorite moment in your DJ career?

My favorite event, I would have said Toronto. It was my first Festival and none of the artists knew me except the people of Montreal. At the end of the festival, the artists came to congratulate and encourage me because it was a memorable weekend.

Does being a dancer help with your approach to DJ’ing at events/socials?

I admit that being a dancer has helped me a lot in the way I DJ. I understand the energy of the crowd more and set the mood on the dance floor.

What recommendations would you have for those who want to try to be a DJ?

DJing isn’t just playing music or searching for sounds, it’s also about learning and educating yourself and knowing the culture and the foundation. For some, it may not be important, but I find that a shame. I’ve been a DJ for 9 years and I’m still learning it. It’s a job that never ends.

How do you balance the relationship between your choices and goals as a DJ and the expectations, desires and feedback of the dancers?

For me, it’s very important to be criticized. It allows you to see your flaws and improve yourself. My goals and people’s expectations align quite well together, because I make sure that the work that I offer to the public always satisfies them.

How would you describe the Kizomba community in Montreal and in Canada overall?

Someone once said that Montreal is the Kizomba Capital of Canada. Before the pandemic, we had parties 7 days a week. People are passionate and very talented. I have the chance to visit other communities from other provinces and it’s heartwarming to see the passion and the evolution of dance in the eyes of the people. Even if we are very competitive with each other, when we get together, it’s party time and people from everywhere love it.

What are your current favorite songs to dance to? Top two or three…

So many …

Where can dancers find your mixes?

You can find me at

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