Poll – Coronavirus and Your Dance Life

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is a pandemic (as declared by the World Health Organization) and it is having an impact on our lives in a variety of ways.  This impact extends to the social dance community where contact (particularly with hands) is mandatory while dancing and the coronavirus has led many organizers to cancel events until further notice.

We want your opinion on how the coronavirus is impacting your dance life! Feel free to leave a comment as well!

*Results will be shown once your vote is cast.

Will you continue to attend social dance events during the coronavirus pandemic?


  • Dawn says:

    I love to dance and I really want to “keep calm and carry on ” but I work in domicilary care and want to reduce the risk of infecting the vulnerable adults I work with and I feel that not attending dance events/classes is a sensible thing to do.

  • Mathew Coffin says:

    its not so much about me feeling safe but i work with older people who are isolated and have very little or no support. So i have made the decision to stop dancing for the medium term (i am assuming a min of 3 months) If it was just about me i would still be dancing

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