Find the 1 using The Salsa Beat Machine

Much like cell phones or laptops, the Salsa Beat Machine isn’t new technology (created in 2009), but it can prove to be extremely helpful.  The Salsa Beat Machine is a handy site created by Visual Salsa that features a basic looping salsa track in which you can adjust the song tempo, key and include/exclude certain instruments.  There is a vocal audio queue that helps dancers to identify the ‘1’ and the ‘5’.  There is a Merengue option available as well and the song switches to a merengue beat when the box is checked.

Below is a screenshot of the interface from the site.

Visual Salsa has even created great videos that mark the 1 OR 2 for you in a specific song so you can practice with it and never have to worry about losing your place.

Here are a few examples. You can find other examples on the Salsa Beat Machine YouTube channel.

Find the 1 beat

Find the 2 beat

Are there any other techie sites or apps that you use to help you with your dance journey? If so, leave a comment and let us know!

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