Top 6 Female Salsa Dancers

Yes, you’ve seen these type of lists on every Salsa/Bachata themed site you’ve ever visited.  This will be no different. But why six dancers instead of five, you ask? Well, because it’s my list – plus I’m too much of a fan to leave any of them off the post. :).

First, the disclaimer.

Dance (like any art form) is subjective and creating a list that identifies ‘the best’ is practically impossible.  However, we all have our preferences and this post will highlight my favorite female Salsa dancers.

With that said – you may recognize all six, or you may find someone that you haven’t seen dance before – in either case, enjoy.  You’ll notice that most of my favorites are dancers who have been in the scene for a while.  This list will be in no particular order – except #1.

Who are your favorites? Feel free to leave a comment! Check out the Top 7 Male Salsa Dancers.

Amneris Martinez

Amneris makes dancing look easy and effortless and (even though she’s trained for countless hours) it just appears she was born to dance.  Her performances (particularly with Adolfo Indacochea) are very precise, crisp and really fun to watch.

Griselle Ponce

Griselle is the O.G. of this list, but she wouldn’t take a backseat to any of these ladies in terms of dance skill, persona and appeal. I love watching Griselle perform.  She dances with happy passion and it feels like she’s connected to the music. I also love this performance with Franklin Diaz. These are the types of shows that warm my latin dance soul.

Ana Masacote

Ana is the dancer leading in the video below.  This is what I love about Ana, she is not only an awesome follow – but she is a great lead as well. I’d guess that not many dancers (professional or otherwise) can do both at an extremely high level.

Bersy Cortez

Fire. That pretty much describes Bersy Cortez when she dances.  Want to see someone go toe-to-toe with one of the best Salsa dancers in the world and show no salsa fear? Watch 2:16 – 2:36.  She dances with such power and confidence – and I like that.

Magna Gopal

Magna is like a professor who just happens to be one of the best salsa dancers in the world. Check out her MPowered video series available on YouTube.  Being an influential salsa dancer is more than just ones skill on the dance floor – it’s also about the positive impact one can bring to the overall community. You can find any number of videos that showcase Magna’s impressive dance skills, but I’d like to highlight her dance related TEDx talk entitled, “The Benefits of Rejection”.  Quiet. Professor Gopal is speaking.

#1 Alien Ramirez

Why is she #1? See this post. Sure, there are salseras out there who can dance just as well as her (see a few from the list above), but what I think makes her unique are her social dance skills and performances like the one in the video below. I definitely value when performers take risks or think outside the typical salsa box.


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