Dance Spotlight – Mahshid Rosario-Pourjavad

Mahshid Rosario-Pourjavad is featured in this edition of Dance Spotlight! She is from Ruston, Louisiana but has lived in DFW for about 15 years. She was nominated by Alyssa Ibanez.  Alyssa said, “She is always dancing all night long with anyone and everyone! She is also a great dancer in the community!” Check out some fun facts about Mahshid including her current favorite songs to dance to! Mahshid was nominated to be in the Dance Spotlight back in 2017 – so check out that post for more fun facts!

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What’s your first memory of dancing salsa? (In class? With friends? At a social?)

This is a really tough one just because there are so many memories.  One that I find funny is when I was taking one of my first private lessons. I was learning about the music and how there are actual counts. The instructor had me close my eyes and would turn the music on and say, “OK, start on the 1.” Well I kept missing it – and he would just be like “wrong”.  I would start again and he’d say “wrong” again…this went on for a while! It took me some time to learn about the counts and how to understand the music, but these are the kind of memories that make me see how far I’ve come ?.

What (or who) originally inspired you to try Latin dancing?

I don’t think there is anything or anyone in particular. My ex and I had always talked about taking lessons and we never took the time to sign up and just do it! So finally I talked to some co-workers and said lets sign up for a month session – and we did. I was the only one that lasted the full 4 weeks! It’s all history from there!

What are your current favorite songs to dance to? Top two or three…

Let’s see if I can narrow to three…

(1) En Madrid by Una Gaviota

(2) Parecen Viernes by Marc Anthony

(3) Te Quiero by Maluma

(4) ALWAYS ANYTHING by Adolescentes!

Favorite local places to dance?

Isn’t it obvious?! Vidorra on Wednesdays and Maracas on Sundays ?. (Her husband, Wander Rosario, is a latin dance instructor and DJ and organizes both nights).

Favorite congresses or festivals in the US/World?

BIG Salsa Festival in New York has been my favorite in recent years and the first Providence Salsa Bachata Festival was this year.  It was smaller festival, but I really enjoyed it! There was great social dancing and the crowd for the shows were bringing the best energy ever!

Are there any new styles of dance that you’d like to try (West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Two step, etc.)?

Always!! Unfortunately finding the time is my issue but always wanted to!

Have you ever thought about performing?

For sure! I’m asked this all the time as well but (1) my time is already spread so thin, (2) maybe a few years back if I had started (I ain’t’ a spring chicken anymore, ha) and (3) when I travel to events I enjoy not having to deal with all that performers do because it’s my time away from work.

Dance video(s) you’d like to share?

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